Monday, July 21, 2008

So much little desire to deal with it

I think the girls and I have folded and put away at least 6 baskets of laundry in the last 12 hours...and there is more in the washer and dryer. That doesn't count the 2-3 baskets of clothes in my bedroom that I need to sort through before the move. I hate sorting! Today, my goal is to get everything in my bedroom that is not in a dressor or hung up in the closet sorted and packed.
Oh, an update to the last post - there has been no more vomiting! Yippee!
Yesterday was a nice day. Although I was pretty tired the whole day. I had attempted to sleep on Madelyn's mattress on the floor of the living room Saturday night. In case she got sick again, I wanted to be close to her. But she was breathing so loud and making so much noise (which has always been a problem for her), that finally after falling asleep at 2am then waking at 3:30, I went to my bed and asked Aaron if he would sleep out there with her, since he sleeps sounder than me. Also, I reasoned in my very tired state, that since he has been unable to hear well lately, esp in his right ear, he could just sleep on his left side and it would be like wearing earplugs.
We went to Church services in the morning and then over to some friends' house for lunch with their family. I took the girls' swimsuits, so after lunch they all got to swim, while we sat on the porch and watched. These friends live on a huge farm, and all you see from the back of their porch is a lot of acres with some cows and the distant hills far off. Very pretty and peacefull. We got home about 3:30, and I finally laid down around 4:30 for about 45 min before evening services. Hannah didn't take a nap, and therefore fell asleep before the first song was over, but not after having a typical Hannah arguement with me.
Hannah hasn't done this in a while, but she brought it back last night in a moment of no-nap sleepiness. She had wanted gum, so I gave her a 1/2 piece. She was upset that she only got a 1/2 piece. We are whispering this whole time, since services have started. She asks why she got a small piece. I tell her to hush. She asks why again. I tell her to quit talking, that is all she is getting. I look ahead, letting her know the conversation is over. She taps me on the shoulder, not letting it drop.
I look at her and say "be quiet"
She taps me on the shoulder and says" I have to tell you something"
I warn her "it better not have anything to do with the gum"
So what does she have to say "why didn't you give me a bigger piece of gum?"
So after a swat, she crawled in my lap and went to sleep(after I made her spit out her gum). She just can't let things go.
We are still waiting to hear back about the appraisal of the house we are buying. Hope it appraises at what she is asking for it, or the deal is off. I hate waiting until the last minute for things. I don't want to set up home insurance, etc. to start on Friday, if there is going to be a snag in the process. Only 3 more whole days until closing. Aaron and I were trying to think of what to do with the girls and there is good news for this Saturday. I called a church that they attended VBS at last year to see if they were having one this year, and she said it was going to be Saturday from 8:30- 1. Hopefully Aaron and I can get a lot done that morning without 3 kids underfoot.
Yesterday afternoon, the supervisor at work called to see if I could come in and finish someone's shift for them. The message went something like "Karen, wanted to see if you could finish ________'s 3-11 shift for her... she's got the diarrhea" After hearing it, Aaron said "If you ever have to call in sick, don't tell them what's wrong with you or they'll tell everyone they call to replace you" I didn't think anything about it until he pointed it out. I guess as nurses, we are so used to talking matter of fact about some thing, it just comes out, no need to sugar coat it.

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