Monday, July 28, 2008

Hannah's goldfish adventure

We went over to water our veges in my friend's garden this morning. I was hoeing away some of the weeds around the plants, when I hear Hannah screaming. I figured that perhaps she had been stung or bit by something. She was clear on the other side of the yard. So, I start running over there and realize she was soaking wet. From her hair all the way to her shoes. Apparently, she got too interested in the goldfish in my friends goldfish pond and fell in. All the way under. Thank God she got out or didn't bump her head. She HATES to get wet, other than in the bath or a pool. She won't play in the sprinkler, she won't play with water balloons, she does not like to get wet in her clothes. So, I had to listen to her scream and lament while I finished watering and hoeing, b/c I wasn't going to go home, change her and come back. Thankfully, I had a towel in the car, I could wrap her up in on the drive home.

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Hyperactive Lu said...

Oh no! Bless her heart! I hate getting wet too... I dread showers also! Thanks for doing the MeMe!