Wednesday, July 23, 2008

To close or not to close...

It just wouldn't be us if everything went smoothly in any kind of endeavor we go on.
We are supposed to close at 10am on Friday morning. The seller of the other house brought up a problem she has with her own mortgage company on Monday or Tuesday. Our realtor called to tell us that it may be a problem, but then called later to say that the other realtor said it wouldn't be a problem.... But I learned today that apparently it is a problem that has to be fixed before closing.
Then the well water had to be tested, even though we were planning on digging our own well as soon as we move. So that was sent on Tuesday, and when I had called on Monday to ask the Health Dept. for our own well, how long testing took, she said 4-5 days. But perhaps, they will fax the results back, since they know we are waiting for it to close.
So the verdict right now is no verdict at all. I don't know what the mortgage company will do if the water comes back contaminated.
So, even though we are supposed to close in 36 hours, it still may not happen. Actually, it probably won't happen unless the well water comes back exceptionally fast and she fixes the problems she has with her mortgage company really fast, as in tomorrow.
Now I am still in the last days of packing delimma...
Do I have to have it in the next 2days-2weeks or should I stick it in the box. I don't know how many times the girls have asked for something and I say "it is packed already" and they say "which box?" and I say "we aren't unpacking anything until we move"
The youth group at church kept the K-6th grade from 11-4pm today. They ate lunch, watched movies, and walked to the elementary school to play kickball and water balloons. I had 5 hours to myself. AHHHHHH!!
I was able to get half the kitchen packed and clean off the counter completely. Also, the many phone calls back and forth with our realtor. I relaxed a little and had a good afternoon.

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Hyperactive Lu said...

glad you had a nice, quiet afternoon. i hope everything gets fixed and y'all can move ASAP!