Saturday, July 19, 2008

A picture says it all

I came home from work tonight at 11:30pm. Aaron was still awake, which is not totally unusual for a weekend. But the above is what I saw when walking into the living room.
I looked at Aaron with a "say it isn't so" look, and he just sighed and said "I know."
"When did it start?" I wanted to know.
"About 10:30, I was fixing to go to bed, when I heard her moaning, then she went to the bathroom and I heard her. It was bad."
I know it is too soon to diagnose as the stomach virus, but it wouldn't suprise me a bit. That is Madelyn on the couch, by the way. I have been fighting this nagging fear since we sold our last house that I would get the stomach virus every time we close when selling or buying a house.
Let me go back to Feb. 2003. We bought our first house in SC, and the day we were closing, I was soooo sick at the lawyer's office. I kept thinking to myself that perhaps it was just nerves. I didn't feel nervous, but maybe subconciously, I did. That was Friday morning. I spent all the rest of that day very dizzy, trying to watch Madelyn age 2 and Natalie 10 months while trying not to move off the bed. Aaron was trying to take care of our moving. Poor guy had to do it all alone. Our first night in the house was a Saturday, Aaron had to leave Sunday for a week of training and what I had on Friday was a precursor to a bad case of stomach virus a few days later while home alone for a week with the kids.
Go forward to Feb 2007. The day we closed selling that house was the same day that we drove 6 hours to our new home. I felt bad that morning, waiting for the movers to finally finish packing everything in the semi. I drove the car with the the girls in it b/c it had the air conditioning, while Aaron drove the unairconditioned jeep. Do I drive the hot car without constant talking, or do I drive the car with cold air and constant talking. By the time we were halfway to our new home, I was siiiickkk with a bad headache, hoping that I wouldn't be sick in the car. I came very close to begging Aaron to just let me get a hotel. What an awful day. And for the next two days I was extremely nauseated. Aaron ended up getting that one also.
And now, we are scheduled to close this Friday, and someone has started throwing up. Maybe, just maybe, it is a coincedence. I can only hope what she has isn't contagious.
We did have a good morning. The girls have been wanting to go to "Daddy's work" and hike. So we went and walked around and had a little picnic. It was nice to get into the woods, it has been a while since the girls and I have gotten to go.
I will end with a picture of Duchess, our mother cat who is so scrawny, I took her to the vet last week. She is still nursing the 3 kittens some, but they are eating food too. They are old enough to wean if we could separate them from her. I hope she weans them soon. Although the sweetest cat we have had, she was not the prettiest in the first place. Now that she is skin and bones, well, it doesn't help her appearance. She has very strange color patterns, and her hair is different lengths in different places. Probably hard to see in the picture, but she is a short haired cat except she has approx 1 1/2 inch long hair that hangs down on both side of her spine like a horse's mane. And her tail looks like a squirrel. Anyway, the vet thought that a combination of the heat causing her to not eat as much, nursing the kittens, and probable worms, has contributed to her skinniness. She got a worm shot, and he sent me home with some vitamin paste to give her ever day and some liquid wormer for the kittens.

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