Saturday, July 26, 2008

VBS #5 and Old Friends

Girls went to their 5th VBS for the summer today. It was only a one day deal, but they had a lot of fun. Took a friend from church with them and talked me into letting her stay the night. In spite of it being WILD today, the house is actually looking better. Kittens are so much fun for little girls to play with.

I spent this morning cleaning our dining room. It was so messy. In anticipation for this weekend, which I thought would be moving weekend, I have neglected cleaning and spent more time packing. But now that I know we have at least another week or two here, I couldn't stand the mess anymore. We can actually eat at the kitchen table again!

Since the girls had a friend over, I was also able to clean the bathroom and kitchen, and fold and put away 2 loads of laundry with minimal interruptions. Most of the time, the girls would have been helping more, but it was nice to do it alone and more thoroughly.

One of my best friends from SC has a grown daughter that moved an hour from us last year. She had called saying that they were coming this weekend and wanted to see us. They stopped by and followed us out to the new house and since we haven't closed, we couldn't go in, but they at least saw the land. They bought 70+ acres in SC and let us plant 500 Christmas trees on their land to grow and sell. Then a month later, we found out we were moving out of state. But that is another story. I told them next time the come to visit, we will drive to come meet them for supper or something. We were too good of friends to be so close when she visits her daughter without meeting up. I was so happy to see them, it brings back so many memories. Makes me miss having good friends so close. Moving to a new state is an adventure, but it has some drawbacks too. Like having to start all over getting to know people and find new friends.

The kittens like to sleep in the stroller. Yesterday, I found two of them curled up together. Hannah took one out and pushed the other.


Hyperactive Lu said...

Looks like fun! You are in my prayers about the adoption and your house! Bless your heart! I know it must be stressful.

I tagged you!

Griner Mom said...

Hey! Good last couple of posts! I plan on catching up on my e-mails and blogging today, so I will be e-mailing you a longer note soon! The girls look so pretty, I know they are excited about the move! I am praying for the adoption.