Monday, July 28, 2008

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6 Random Things about me...
1. I can't stand to have pruny fingers from staying in water too long. When I take a bath, I get in, then dry my hands off and keep them out of the water. If I have so many dishes to wash that my fingers start to wrinkle up, I have to stop, give them time to recover their normal shape, and then wash the rest.
2. I can't stand a messy kitchen. I have to have clean counter space in order to cook.
3. I don't like to decorate and it doesn't even bother me at all when my house doesn't match - other than the fact that it probably bothers other people who come and visit. But hey, I guess I am doing a service in making them feel better about their house!
4. I love historical Christian fiction novels and when we get to the library weekly, I probably read 2-4 a week. I would rather read than watch tv and sometimes when Aaron is watching shows I don't like, we can still be together. Reading novels is like watching a movie in your head...I love it!
5. I have always wanted to live on a farm. I love the smell of the animals. (except the smell of chicken farms - a new smell that I have been exposed to since moving here. It ranks right up there with the smell of paper factorys - which I always thought smelled like creamed corn)
6. I also love to listen to Conservative Talk Radio. I love our current President!
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7. I can't think of anyone else to tag that actually knows me that has a blog.
8. I apparently need more blogging buddies.

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