Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Finally a House !!

I am going to post some pictures of the house we are, Lord willing, closing on, on August 15. We have come full circle in a year. Kind of like when you try on wedding dresses, and you try on 25, but always come back to the first one. Well, we actually made an offer on this house last summer and couldn't come to an agreement on the price. We decided we would look elsewhere, but haven't come up with anything we have liked as much over the last year. We both regretted not buying it last year, so here we go again. Our house inspection was today and Aaron and I went out to meet the man towards the end of the inspection. Pretty much the only things wrong are a few wires that need to be fixed. This is a scary thought, now looking back, on the front porch and on the porch off the kitchen, there are wires sticking our of the wall I didn't notice. The girls and I were all on those porches a few weeks ago. Well, the guy tested them today, and they were live wires, just sticking out. So, that will have to be fixed before the girls go back. I couldn't believe it, the lady who lives there has 2 small children.

We are excited and I am trying to work as much as possible to have as much money as possible to pay for the well we will have to put in. We are also hoping that Aaron gets to go out West at least once this summer, if not twice. I worked 7-11 Sunday night and tonight, and tomorrow night. I will probably work Thur. Frid, and Sat, if I can and Aaron doesn't have to work OT>

The pictures are of the 3 porches on the house, one across the front, one off the kitchen, and one out of the master bedroom. There are also pictures of the land from the house and as I drove out of the driveway. There are 14+ acres.

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Hyperactive Lu said...

How wonderful!!!! Congrats!!!